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Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

We offer a wide range of tree services including:

  • Pruning
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Stump Removal


Pruning can be a simple as 'limbing up', which means taking off the lower branches to keep them out of the way of pedestrians or vehicles.  Limbing up is also done to encourage vertical growth and canopy growth of a tree.  You take off the lower branches so it puts all of its energy into the upper branches.

Pruning can also be done to keep a tree looking more shapely and tidy.  It can be a light trimming of the outer branches or a more extreme version called Pollarding.  In pollarding, major branches are cut off to keep the tree to a specific height.  This causes the tree to produce lots of 'Water Sprouts' which are all those little vertical stems growing out en masse around the cuts in the following growing season.  Pollarding, and a similar technique, called Coppicing, was originally used to produce animal forage and material for crafting baskets & other wood products.  It is now done for ornamental purposes.  Once a tree has been pollarded, it must be maintained regularly or the new shoots will make it look worse than ever in a couple of seasons.

Pruning is also done to 'open up' the canopy of a tree.  Dead branches, crossed branches and branches growing in weird directions are removed to create a neater, cleaner appearance.  In the course of doing this we can identify any problems the tree might be having like breaks, cracks, rot, or disease.

Tree Removal

We can remove trees of any size, but are best equipped to handle medium or small trees of about 40 feet or less.  When removing a whole tree, the cost varies greatly depending on accessibility, and proximity to structures or objects that must be protected.  All of the branches get composted and the customer always has the option of keeping the logs for firewood.

We are well equipped to remove downed trees from storms as we can use our mini excavator to lift away heavy pieces in tight quarters.

Stump Grinding and Removal

As shown in the pictures below, we can grind out a tree or shrub stump or dig it out entirely with our excavator.  Our grinding machine is small enough to carry into tight spots where full-sized grinders can't fit and can turn any sized stump into sawdust mulch.  Typically, the grinding will go down 8-12 inches till we reach soil under the bottom of the stump.  That will cause the remaining wood to rot away very quickly. The process can be more extensive depending on what will be done with the area afterward.

If accessibility allows and a customer wishes to have the entire stump and major roots removed, we can use our excavator.

In the case of very large stumps, as in 4,5,or 6 feet in diameter, we have transformed them into planters by carving out the center and drilling drain holes.  They can become a beautiful element in the landscape with a little creative thinking.





Annoying tree stump


Pile of wood chips for mulch.  The hole where the stump was, was filled in with soil and planted with a new fruit tree.




24" diameter Cherry Tree stump


...getting smaller


Pile of wood chips for mulch.

The 12" deep hole was filled in and grassed over.



Our Excavator

(can lift 2000 lb. rocks, dig out tree stumps, dig drainage & utility trenches, and grade gravel driveways)