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Responsibly Raised Animals

for Healthful Food

Over the past few years we have transitioned from a retail nursery to a farm and nursery specializing in growing food & other products for healthful living..

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We have a fresh batch of lamb as of 8/20/2012.

We have a full array of cuts from rack of lamb to blade steaks to soup bones and everything in between.

Lots of our famous lamb sausage available! Spicy Andouille and Mild Bratwurst

Catch us on Saturday, Aug. 25 at the Proctor Farmers' Market and Aug. 23 at the Queen Anne Farmers Mkt. in Seattle.


Shop our online store 24/7

or meet us at the

Proctor Farmers' Market in Tacoma.

Market Hours & Location:

N. 27th & Proctor St., Tacoma, WA

We bring our best plants, wool,

chicken, lamb, goat, pork & eggs

Proctor Farmers' Market - Hours:

Saturdays from 9am to 2pm



Visit our online store:

Shop for our Meats, Pet Treats, Woolly Things, Body Products & other goodies.


Landscaping With A Higher Purpose:
Eat Your Yard!

Get rid of grass lawn & put in something tasty.  In the Puget Sound area, there is no reason in the world not to have a landscape that looks, smells, and tastes wonderful all twelve months of the year. 

See some of our work.

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Andean root Vegetables!

Oca, Yacon, Ulluco

Three tubers have been staple food crops for various cultures in and around the Andes Mountains for hundreds of years.

From the Incas to modern Peruvians, Central Americans and Mexicans, crops of Oca, Yacon, and Ulluco have provided a nutritious, flavorful source of food during the colder months of the year.

All three of these plants will grow vigorously during the summer and will start producing potato-like tubers only after temperatures get colder in autumn. Ulluco is harvested in Sept. and Oct. Oca and Yacon can be harvested throughout winter. Our climate in the Puget Sound area is perfect for growing these exciting new/old crops.

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